The Blind Girl’s ‘Pink’

From the blush you awe, on my forlorn face
To the rims of my mouth, ‘true pink’ you tell
I wonder what’s passion, my lovelorn grace
You say love’s pink, oh! I know too well!

I see my ‘pink’, in my dreams galore
Ain’t different from yours, in my mind’s eye
The gaze of the boy, who lives next door
The shame of a heart, once bitten, twice shy!

I hear ‘pink’ too, would you ever believe!
In whispers of zephyr, the songs of my youth
Oh! I smell its poise, when I interweave
Your shallow lies, with my sublime truth!

As I sit at my window, sense the vistas’ spree
Sun, moon, world et al, I draw, in my dark ink
Could want of sight, in my eyes, estrange me?
From the wonder of my realm, My Very Own ‘Pink’!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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