A Selfie With Baghdadi

Where life takes man, to his last frontier
A spent pursuit, a lone island in blood
A haunting souvenir, of our time’s mutineer
Chronicled in a selfie, the façade of hate’s ballad!

Could more be profound, this fateful rendezvous
On a tomb of his race, he revels, his fall from grace
And awaits to flaunt to world, darkest shades of blue
The myriad heads he harvested, in his faith’s vanity case!

All said and done, two men, one-to-one
Staring through, the prism of time
A faith’s bygone glory, by Jihad undone
How dare I blaspheme, his bloodbath sublime!

Lastly, moment of truth! Would he sneer or stare!
Would a man break free, from a faith’s rampart?
He joined me, after a lingering prayer
With a stony look, and a bleeding heart!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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