Islam Scares !!!!

When you pass by, those, skull-capped streets
See modesty tamed, masked, in pitch-black sheets
Cynicism galore, oozes out, of each face
What’s become of that, benign human race!

A new neighbor, next door, is Muhammad his name?
Oh Muslims…! How I cope…? Did you exclaim?
News bulletins and gossips, fortify your conviction
“Beware of Muhammadans!” the newfound trendy fiction!

Their food, ‘weird’ guise, azaans and rituals bother you
Their parades reek bigotry, in your wisdom’s, holistic view
A faith is as good, as it’s taught, followed and understood
Who has misread whom, whose prudence is falsehood!

It’s the new age of upheavals, when every faith reasserts
Itself as the Holy Grail, of mankind’s sweat, blood and tears
Faith ain’t for those, with jaundiced eyes – its cocksure perverts
Nor for mob, that trades those fears – “Islam Scares, Islam Scares…”

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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