Parting Gifts Of Love

Don’t remind me, as though, I don’t know
Last rite of love, lasting fest of tears
Don’t scrape my heart, with resentment’s plough
In my blood, won’t sprout, your seeds of despairs!

How estrangement is, a fear sublime
To lose someone, who’s never yours!
And love, a lasting paradigm
Of a sin, that every heart endures!

You a brazen question, to my answers galore
As we slit stich-by-stich, our throbbing nerves
Spent mirth of hearts, our love’s metaphor
Not the least, cherished pain, our love preserves!

And insolence that we’d reared, for this day
No more a waif, which we, loved to shove
Overwhelmed two souls, in this hearts’ melee
As we give-and-take, Parting Gifts of Love!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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