Bloody Gift Of Hanukkah

This ain’t the same Hanukkah, in Jerusalem
That ‘Festival of Lights’, sans, first candle on menorah
Moans the land of three faiths, today, solemnest anthem
“In the crusade of three brothers, is the vanquisher Allah!”

Was it a treason, of fourteen nations, or Barack’s own malice?
To trounce a lone democracy, amidst mayhem of middle-east
It’s Obama’s bloody business, to spur, Hussein’s travesty of justice
To lure Satan, to Israel, for yet another, blood-feast!

Seven decades of solidarity, and this parting, backstab
Why ‘Promised Land’, is indeed, ‘Lost Land of Despair’
Was Israel meant to be a dream, on permanent rehab?
“Never phony was our existence, see, world’s hypocrisy lay bare!”

Is peace the pious purpose, of this one-sided handshake!
Or it means carte blanche, to Hamas and Hezbollah
Why a daring democracy, be defeated, for a fake feat’s keepsake
Obama’s piece of Christmas cake, Bloody Gift of Hanukkah!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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