That Brazen Smile

An ode to the dunes, under scorching sun
A psalm of the soul, heart’s insolence
Two lips tangled, in fine unison
Beyond pain’s truth, and joy’s pretense!

They brighten up, spent embers, with spark
Thru weary years, as they gaze, at dreams
To dare life’s dearths, by the means so stark
Life’s unspent orgies, smile redeems!

The mirth still lasts, and the yearnings too
Can senescence undo, man’s nerves of steel?
For he ain’t just clay, God’s spent virtue
But a spirit too, beyond time’s ordeal!

If death be a lasting, life’s syndrome
And bliss be missed, always by a mile
Still ingrained, in mortal chromosome
That immortal guile, That Brazen Smile!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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