My SEXperiments With Truth

“An age old shame, and a lasting sin
Of making love, thru, my father’s demise
A Mahatma’s virtue, his manhood’s chagrin
How I refined, the art of compromise!

Bare women, don’t arouse, in bath nor bed
My will of steel, prevails o’er lust
Not a drop, of sacred semen, ever shed
In stark battles, of celibacy, with a sin august

I don’t know, nor care, what all tolls, it takes
On the souls, who consort, with my quest?
When Kasturba’s fine, with her master’s stakes
To emerge unscathed saint, from this divine acid test!

Ask Manu and Abha, should you need, further proof
Don’t mistake, your Mahatma, for a lecher uncouth!
How amidst fests of flesh, stayed your leader aloof
Won’t you hail with ruth, My SEXperiments With Truth!”

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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