Kerala – The Land Of Converts

Would Allah sound, much sweeter when
Bartered with Rama’s transcendence
Love Jesus, or you be pagan!
For “Hindus” are passé, in every sense!

“God’s own country” and its travesty
Gods, faiths et al fixed, to meet men’s ends
Azans and masses grow louder, see!
On the tombs of temples, no one bends

Skull caps and crosses, all the rage
Where’s lost, that land of Adi Shankara?
Gulf and west dough, built this gilded cage
Wherein men learn, their new Messiah

So Amar is Ali now, and Mani, Mary
A legacy lost to indulgence, estrangement asserts
A civilization trounced, by trafficked trickery
By a faith-riot that hurts, in a Land Of Converts

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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