Hitler In Love

Holocausts burst out, from the souls, of those men
Who weed out, seeds of love, from their hearts
Why he chose to be a Führer, history’s dreaded doyen
Not that Hitler, who painted, symphonies of Mozarts

Geli grew out to be, his half-niece, nay, half-life
Or his love-object, nay, lap-bitch in a girl’s guise!
“Alas, Never I’ll be, my man’s, cherished wife?
Oh! What a lover you’re, who romances, heartless lies!”

Held 23 years of young blood, his pistol, to her heart
What a way to – end, his passion, a love strong-armed
-Tear Hitler from Führer, many worlds apart
-Sow seeds of pain, in a Nazi heart, unfarmed

Yet one more love tryst, though the last one indeed
In Eva Braun, Hitler found, Geli’s solace and soul
Was ageless Führer or aging Hitler, this lassie fancied?
“I’ll stand by my Liebling, till my love takes its toll!”

Could riotous more be, their love affair?
Eva almost perished twice, to seek her Herzchen’s care
“How can a Nazi chaste hero, lose his sex appeal?
Let my love not be, my Achilles’ heel!”

At Führerbunker, lastly solemnized, a brazen token
Of that love she fondly farmed, in his killing fields
Alas, bridal vows exchanged, to die as one
So dying World War did bear, love’s yearning yields!

How long are 40 hours, for a love to consummate?
Yes, an age sublime, than many a year to shove
Could Eva’s love evade, his Führer’s fickle fate?
An enigma, born, to be ever-downplayed – Hitler In Love

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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