Moon In The Morning Sky

It smiles past a spent world, with tales of twilight
Of the dark’s white truth, and the light’s black lie
Molts out hope’s knight, from the skin of night
A lost starry-eyed boy, moon in the morning sky

O’er the relics of shadows, and fear of end
Twirls promise, of a new day, hung out to dry
In bloody pure azure, sun’s dominion, left out to fend
Where dreams are made, that mystique’s sweetie pie, moon in the morning sky

Behold the face-off of, the sublime kind
Sun cuddles moon, to the grave -“goodbye”
Moon cradles sun, to its being consigned
In day dissolves, dark’s delusion, moon in the morning sky

“I’ll still be here, though, beyond a zillion views
Stark realm of dark, more than meets the eye
Can ever dazzle diminish, a dreamer’s darling muse?”
Love’s lasting tie, Moon In The Morning Sky!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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