White Bards’, Black Lies

…So Ezra Pound was a grandee, so to say
Since Anti-Semitism ain’t sin, “for Jews caused the two world wars…”
And David Mamet ain’t, just another anti-Muslim, anti-gay
For “’cultural obscenity’ is a mosque, beside the relics of Twin Towers”

Was T.S. Eliot any different, that absolute Modern God of Poetry?
Who likened Jews to rats; do great minds only touch, grand heights of debauchery!
Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Cat In The Hat’, is not his only truth
Black Americans are chosen savages, in his inventions uncouth

Examples umpteen, not worth a count, recounts
How humanity was discounted, in a White Man’s accounts
How innocent was Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, but so hard to digest
‘White Man’s Burden’ would never, get off his chest

Many centuries of White Prejudice, did tarnish literatures
Why still we pride so slavishly, our condescending caricatures
Why idolize we, in our souls, bigots in bard’s disguise
And by-heart so enduringly, White Bards’ Black Lies!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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