Love’s Forbidden Fest…INCEST, INCEST, INCEST !

In the heart of sin, and soul of shame
Lives the fling of lust, by many a name
How deviant is desire, between mother and son
Ain’t history ashamed, of Darwin…Tutankhamun…?

In the darkest closet, hurled oedipal love
Could chaste it be, when it stinks, of same blood!
Still sinners abound, who choose to shove
Alas! Burden of that love, never nipped in the bud!

Even Gods seem appeased, since we call it a sin
How could Adam, Eve be siblings, or any other kin?
When faith decrees mankind, diktats of love and desire
Lunatics ain’t they, who bear, baptism by fire?

Libertines are real, in our realms, our homes
Let sleeping dogs lie, why, stir up, a hornet’s nest
For them ‘sublime quest’, for us ‘s(i)ndromes’…
Love’s Forbidden Fest…..INCEST, INCEST, INCEST!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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