Why A Woman, Be You !

Of all the shades, that render this realm
A canvas of souls, caged in sham virtue
When past awaits present, to overwhelm
Lasting rites do resent, “Why A Woman, Be You!

Was your species, made, to be no more,
Than a ‘feminine enigma’, sworn into?
That piteous prejudice, and pride galore
Bred in self-made abyss, Why A Woman, Be You!

Can you rend the two apart, a soul from heart?
A dogma from disgrace, two façades, none so true!
Why distrust be thy creed, and deceit thy art?
In each whore, a mother’s seed, Why A Woman, Be You!

How you see the mornings, to the nights, thru your prism
And the substance that fills, the ‘man-made world’, askew
What you ever-care to discern, is that God-made schism
Providence or flaw, but, to ever-yearn, Why A Woman, Be You!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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