…and You Thought, You Won’t Die !

STILL mornings line up, for new days to begin
Death doesn’t seem to be, a chore today
Still life sings in you, spent songs of sin
Last dirge, you heard, was so far away

NEVER more than, a fleeting fear
Never less than a, dared truth
Had smirked away, your smoldering neighbor
In that funeral, “most uncouth”

STILL nightmares, knock your door, at nights
You see death, thru your stony face
You almost hear, what priest recites
“See! How death becomes, our divine solace”

STILL, mornings come and mornings go, you reconcile
“See! One more day, brings one more life, death’s to defy!”
Until you’re a ‘festooned face in frame’, with a plastic smile
Myth turned out to be, your doubted truth, all the while
…and You Thought, You Won’t Die!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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