A Jaunt, In The Wilds

If you’ve wrapped yourself, in that contrived smile
And shoved our synopsis, in a fistful of aches
Come! Join in, on a jaunt, so worth our while
As we recount, in our hearts, each other’s keepsakes

See the wilds in its glory, a wailing widow of thousand years
Still smells of putrid woods, that the swamp didn’t spare
Ain’t different from decadence, our treasured vale of tears
Come! Bask in that cedar shade, where the prairie lay bare

Ah! Doesn’t skirt of yours, bears fading stigmas, of last menses?
And my pants curled at bottoms, like withered leaves of fall
As I sink in your lap, beyond bygone pretenses
I hear your nether lips, thirsting for love, after all!

Why your puckered lips, dare not dribble, your half-truths, my absolute lies
How an age was spent, imprisoning two lives, in a sacrament of obligations
For how many years, (We lost the count)…haven’t slept these eyes
(Forget the dreams…) in life’s needless translations

Would you care to be my mother, to caress, your fallen son?
Thru my silver hair, run your fingers, like stray kites, in still air
Would you suckle me, on your heart today, with that milk of ‘pardon?’
Let become one, with this wilderness, two souls threadbare

What’s left of life, to realize, surmise, synopsize!
Than two eternal enigmas, we are, better left, unreconciled
May these moments last, beyond the age, of our sighs!
May our souls keep up, this jaunt in the wilds!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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