When We’ve Vanquished…Each Other

vikas chandra

ORGASM” is the name, of a death redeemed
We knew it, oh so well, all the time
But life’s, a lasting lust, it seemed
And sex, a half-rhyme, that sin sublime

OUR senses we sold, making love, in barren shrines
Two bodies cajoled, into passion’s accord
What’s left of us now, “crestfallen valentines”!
So yearning to fall, on our own sword

DOWNCAST moon moans, at our orgy’s demise
As you lie in my lap, smeared in, stale semen’s stink
Spilled manhood’s sap, the means, ends, and price
Man loses each time, little does one think!

YOU crease the blankets and bedsheets, I light a cigarette to my lips
You pity my manhood’s flagging flag, I hurl a scorn, at your worn beaver
Thru the night, we grope our prized eclipse
Where bounds of pain and pleasure blur…When We’ve Vanquished Each Other !

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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