A Life, Never Lived

vikas chandra

Would you call them still, if they do not come?
Those years of yearning, those days of despair
What’s there to forsake, what’s left to succumb
Than a life misspent, making castles in dead air

My fancies bred that blue-eyed boy, to this cynical man in me
What used to be a fable, is a lie indeed, I see
To live, would be so different, had I known that very time
Would not have traded heart’s blood, for that every worn-out dime

Why feel sold-out, to a chimera, wasn’t that the idea?
Life’s never meant to be always, a rendition of dreams
Albeit, you stow your heart, with, tons of chutzpah
Lie turns out to be, the lone truth, truth, never what it seems

Was cherry-picked I, for the world, by a sheer quirk of fate!
To chase phony fairytales, then million shades of dark
Ever-long to be that “someone”…

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