The Gay Next Door !

Stifled smirks, shout out, the shrillest psalms
He toyed all day, with his puckered lips
I gaped thru him – no gripe, no angst, no qualms!
He gazed thru me – a man, coming to grips…

…With the seed sown, in his manhood’s mind
“Oh! To seek a man, is a sin, all creeds decreed
How sane, could be love, of another ‘kind’?
Hah! ‘No man and woman’, ‘just two men frenzied’!”

So there he is, next door, never a long way away
Where guilt-free orgies, play, on my ‘righteous’ heart
I sniff his sweat, and we pronounce him a ‘gay’!
“Shall this seed of sin, tear my world apart!”

So denying him me, and myself, my sin
Is a spineless man, veiled in his fears galore!
Or a moral man, how could he give in?
To his lasting lure, that gay next door!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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