May Death Be A Ditty

May death be a ditty, and not a requiem!
An ode to life, a fiesta of lastingness
Why be it forever, a rite to redeem
Soul’s restless quest, for Lord’s largess

May its notes transcend, life’s symphony!
Verses resonate, unvanquished nerves
How marry two realms? Words fail me!
That affair of earth and heaven, deserves

May it be a psalm, not a satanic verse!
No less than a Bible, in faith’s domain
A prism that strews, life’s inborn curse
Not in shades of grey, but a rainbow’s legerdemain

May it be the solace, of a worn out soul!
And the bread, of an ever-yearning heart
Whose stubborn beats, death’s prudence stole
To throb evermore, life’s undying art

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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