A Million Mad Men !

“Manhood ain’t the creed, of placid hearts!”
But an ode, engraved with a poison pen?
To the mayhems of Hitlers, and Bonapartes
Bloody history’s sweethearts, a million mad men!

It ain’t just semen, or testosterone
But the lust of blood, unquenched since when
“Man are made to war”, who wrote in stone?
Many a sworn headstone, a million mad men!

They rendered, Iraqs, Syrias, Palestines…
Rivals to hell, every now and then
Ain’t we done with, all the Frankensteins?
Doom’s glorious designs, a million mad men!

Till the last trace lasts, of masculine pride
Bad-blood kindles, his fortitudes’ ken
Brazen hope will brave, hate’s towering tide
From Mosul to Tiananmen, dare, a million mad men!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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