Making Love To Fireflies…

Who longs, for haunting monsoon songs?
When feels the same, their blistering guise
To whom the sin, of love belongs
Frenzied throngs of, barefaced fireflies

Stitched in sweaty chemises, sundry stark anecdotes
Wielding smile worth a shanty, raised on lasting lies
With vicious truths, pushed down their throats
Sin’s chosen scapegoats, stigmatized fireflies

Ain’t they cupid’s face, if sin’s embrace?
Yet to burn with them, till desire dies
In splish-splash of fire, who falls from grace?
Lost labors on love’s pyre, yearning fireflies

Still the fury ain’t spent, for the night is too long
Many more loves to make, sins left to baptize
May the famine in bellies, hearts and souls prolong!
To make their fire strong, evolving fireflies

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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