A Broken Rhapsody

If you had the time, to just be mine
I’d buy you, be my cockatoo!
How empty’s, my day of valentine
With a lovelorn love, how a heart will coo!

If you be thirst, sun’s lasting lust
May my virgin breasts, be your cups of solace
Let my heart, suckle you, on my love august
Would you keep in your heart, my sin pious!

I’m only a yearning now, what more to say
How sweet’s a nemesis, my heart, I nursed
Wish, it had been all, but, a child’s play
Not a bounty, of a garden cursed!

Why to toy with hope, be the lot of love!
Why my heart’s lit up, like a Christmas tree
When love’s all, but a millstone, I only, shove
Hinged to the soul, of my broken rhapsody!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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