…Time Will Wait For You

Don’t you quench your fire to stand out, with despair!
For blue moon does burst, out of the blue
If you dare, be a rainbow, against laissez-faire
World’s weary affair, Time Will Wait For You

That mile you treasured, ain’t beyond any means
It’s time you measured, soul’s fortitude too
If you shatter sham snags, to smithereens
Brave the fear of your genes, Time Will Wait For You

Never be a mob, mob is all but disgrace
A lone wolf, better be, on the prowl anew
For you, never was, world’s mean rat race
If you cut to the chase, Time Will Wait For You

See! You’re almost there, far beyond your fears
Yesterday’s “nobody”, today’s “awe”, through and through
If you’re the lasting tomb, of your blood, sweat and tears
For many years, Time Will Wait For You

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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