My God Died Yesterday !

My God Died Yesterday!
A million doves broke loose, from a soul
Where reigned a fear, o’er a blessed melee
Now blooms my blood, out on parole
Better feels this world, being a faith’s castaway

My God Died Yesterday!
Unleashed today, from a broken cocoon
Butterfly with shades, of his own essay
Better curse of faith, than folly’s boon
Untethered kite, loves to fly astray

My God Died Yesterday!
Walks free a man, sans, coffin of belief
Enough of pious lies, evil truths to say
Crossed o’er to poise’s patch, from His holy fief
I flaunt thru streets, life’s new giveaway

My God Died Yesterday!
I hammered the tomb, of ages’ making
On my heart which grew, at my soul’s outlay
Better dead a diktat, ever-worth forsaking
I’m new man today, no more sacraments’ prey

Coz, My God Died Yesterday!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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