O! That Girl, A Drunken Kite…

O’er muddled meadows, under cloudy skies
A petite frock that billows, chasing day thru night
Muck-smeared bare feet, stray stars in eyes
So short and sweet, O! That girl, a drunken kite…

Blessed petrichor, thawed in yesterday’s menses
Fleeting girl entangled, in a woman’s delight
Breaching mind’s defenses, crossing heart’s picket-fences
Daring soul’s pretenses, O! That girl, a drunken kite…

Lost in clouds, that soak her, thru the soul
Knitting threads of blue, thru yarn of white
Let lavish bliss spill, yearning take its toll
When a heart, stands still, O! That girl, a drunken kite…

Sprout seeds of hope, in monsoon’s first bout
Virgin teats of hers, ooze the blood of twilight
Could more be stray, love’s sinful thought
In a soul astray, O! That girl, a drunken kite…

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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