That Love…We Never Made !

Rejoice our souls, that sublime remorse
Of a bride lost out, but, to her bridesmaid
And the hearts, which ached for intercourse
Got never sold out to, passion’s charade
That love…we never made!

You the lotus bathed, in estranged mist
Me the drop on you, untouched, unswayed
Yes! Love indeed, is a hearts’ heist
Not the bare minds’, hollow masquerade
That love…we never made!

“But then restraint, ain’t the spirit of love!
Let this liaison, be a besotted escapade”
“Nor a millstone, on the soul, to shove
Past the world’s, beholden promenade”
That love…we never made!

So we left it never, to consummate
Still rebounds, our lovelorn serenade
When two souls sworn, to conjugate
Into immortal bliss, our hearts parlayed
That love…we never made!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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