That Woman In Me

vikas chandra

Come! See thru me, my enigma’s creed
Entwined into one, beyond what you see
Forever shackled, ever-yearned to be freed
My quandary’s seed, that woman in me

In my body, whose mind, whose heart, whose soul
Is it man’s destiny, to be an abductee?
And be doled out, as her grace’s toll
Have qualms about, that woman in me

Will it only remain, man’s cherished dream?
That Godhood, under lock and key
“Don’t you dare blaspheme?
My Lord’s decree”! says that woman in me

Lest we fall out, off this obliged embrace
For no love lost! What will be, will be!
My fall from grace, written all over her face
Sold out to vanity’s chase, that woman in me

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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