Sex Killed It All !

vikas chandra

Beyond that face, that smile…rare caress
Lay your modesty, kept, for one more fall
Damned dam of desire, in our hearts’ duress
Baptism of fire, knocked down that wall
Sex killed it all!

Me neither thy Yeats, thee nor my Maud (Gonne)
Still flesh smells the same, like stale rainfall
Betwixt your legs, lay my temple flawed
Amidst sin, lost a man, in his fond recall
Sex killed it all!

Wasn’t that kiss divine, pregnant dreams, which bore?
Nether lips of thee, barely, my obsessions’ whore
Weren’t sated we, in love’s mystery, so why in hunger’s thrall?
Beyond bliss were two souls, spilling heaven’s haul
Sex killed it all!

We won’t be the same, nor our love, alas!
Satan’s blood we drank, from debauchery’s glass
Neither riots of angst, nor that yearnings’ call
Consummated after all, our love’s great fall
Sex killed it all!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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