GOD, that convenient LIE!

vikas chandra

With a capital “G”, written blasphemy!
That thing called “GOD”, on soul’s stark slate
Oh! That LIE, that weighs on you and me
What’s DIVINITY, fickle finger of fate!

To be baptized, with a holy myth
Ain’t ever a choice, but a creed coerced!
Why GOD’s that fear, we love to live with
For heavens, a LIE, we die for, cursed

Where’s the beauty in HIM, HIS holiness
Neither pauper’s bread, nor soul’s solace
Why care for HIM, who couldn’t care less
Be the martyr, in a noxious nexus!

Why man made GOD, HIS shadow, his creed
To learn hope’s to sin, despair’s to die
Why GOLIATH, is DAVID’s macabre seed
An inconvenient TRUTH, a convenient LIE!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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