How it sticks to skin, that sublime sin
When a shame disrobed, to bare its creed
That the fests of grace, disgrace begin
For the flesh-starved, flesh-shy human breed

What’s veiled, is bare in the minds, of those
Who prize, the chicanery of, guilt august
What bareness, to manhood bestows
Is womanhood, in her unmasked lust!

Or is it Lord’s tool, to tempt two kinds
For His world to run, and its mortal affairs
To yield to man, and his animal binds
It’s the God who bares, to mankind’s stares

Till the skin sheds off, under soul’s weight
Runs the reign of flesh, with impunity
It’s the art of passion, to take this bait
Sinning rites of life, her nudity

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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