When You Touch Me… !

Estranged, becomes, a heart to a soul
And one become, two realms in orgy
A million wolves, stray on a stroll
Sing a lullaby, when you touch me…!

Two whiffs tangle, two furies dissolve
In the cradle of passion, aches’ tides set free
That mystery called love, best left to solve
Like a lockless key, when you touch me…!

Every nerve ablaze, in yearnings earned
Which nurtured, the age of chastity
Deflowered lies, my virtue spurned
On the throes of spree, when you touch me…!

When we molt in, each other’s skin
Become smitten mimes, of a mortal fancy
Is it kiss of life, or sublime sin!
Oh! So many wars within, when you touch me…!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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