Let’s Love! Let’s Live-in!

And the bell rang doggedly, for how dare, could she wait
Nor he, whose heart, now oozed more semen, than that blood
Yes! Blood of her virgin menses, how yearned to, tempt fate
Unwrapped they, each other, now bare gifts, in blissful mud

“Oh! How wed-lock is a lock-up, and vows too out-of-date
For free-love’s the happening creed, don’t call it sinful sex!”
And they spent on each other, like fish on scrumptious bait
Until, alas, they ached, love bites, on splintered necks

Now done with each other, that ‘love’, and the ‘sepulcherous bed’
Unspent yet that yearning, that chase for, that ‘rousing flesh’
Not of course, for a mate of soul, but a soul to mate, instead
What’s new to this soulless tale, what’s there to bare afresh?

Yet again, the bell rang, beamed two breasts, with a new suitcase
And a semen-drunk manhood smirked, for one more, tryst with sin
“Oh! You’re that man, my manly love, written all over your face!”
“And you the new bliss, of my nights, Let’s Love! Let’s Live-in!”

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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