The Day It Rained Stones

How’s Noora’s sin, blessed Noor’s bliss!
Whom Hadiths doom, and prejudice owns?
Condemned to Rajm, in their holy abyss
Faith’s fatal kiss, the day it rained stones

Her father turned, a fanatic, when it came to forgive
“May Allah’s word reign supreme, who the hell am I”
How faith’s a pious illusion, for men to live?
And manly act of Allah, for women to die!

So she stood half-buried, bound to say “Amen!”
Gaping at a moral mob, her kin, Noor…, all men!
Clenching stones of Sharia, to pile up her tomb
“Unwed mother of Satan! May Allah, wreck thy wretched womb”!

And lo and behold, her divine doomsday
Every blow beat the prior, to dare a sinner’s moans
When a man-made faith, held onto its manly sway
On womankind astray, the day it rained stones

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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