That Date With Death

Life, only lie, to live in sin
Fate, only name, of that shibboleth
Which soul molts in, to save its skin!
For a word to keep, that date with death

In the throes of truth, breathes, the bliss of life
Un-kissed, sighs ruth, on every breath
Estranged all the more, that unwed wife
On yearnings galore, for that date with death

“What’s you and me, without this ache?”
Life said to death, dissecting ‘Macbeth’
What’s more to love, but to break than make?
For waiting’s sake, that date with death

Where time melts down, to a quest profound
Which God giveth and God taketh
Where sum of fears, and faiths abound
Where trails disappear, that date with death

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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