The Man Behind The Bard

Of the shrillest shout, and the softest sigh
The mystery lies, behind the biggest lie
And the tale of truth, beyond canard
Is the yarn of man, behind the bard!

Needless he rhymes, those bygone myths
His soul’s burden, heart’s megaliths
The lost mystique, of an eon diehard
Is the unschooled man, behind the bard!

Tangled two souls, in quandaries galore
Whose shadow’s who, unsolved, all the more!
A stray evening, in a spent boulevard
Is the plight of man, behind the bard!

When despair devours, the substance of hope
Then ends in vain, this walk on tightrope
Where sings the pain, of his lonely yard
Is the tomb of man, behind the bard!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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