…And Qandeel Did Squeal !

The more you flicker, the quicker you burn
But shimmered she on, for she was Qandeel
After ‘candle’ christened, destined to yearn
To splurge it all, caught in a life, piecemeal

“How famous are you, and blasphemous too”
Whined a wanking mulla, with his vanquished manhood
“What became of Sharia, how you unveiled our taboo?
One who dares and bares, is a woman, no good”

So an obliged mufti, had a fatwa decreed
“To salvage our faith, stub out this flare!
Let’s rejoice her squeal, who barks at our creed
Let manhood, have the last laugh, in this Godly affair!”

But Waseem was the one, with the pretext, most profound
“Why ‘your life on own terms’, be a family’s raw deal?
For I ain’t your brother, just a Muslim duty-bound”
So smothered did he, defiant candle’s fury, and Qandeel, did squeal!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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