When The Cuckoos Won’t Coo…

In that blessed fire, from the heavens above
Why we burnt our hearts, in the kiln of love?
To see thru past, true shades of blue
How that song would last, when the cuckoos won’t coo…?

Would be mirror of us, this saturnine sky!
A truth which was, now a blinding lie
Won’t the bow of rain, spare the hues, to strew
What’ll pain explain, when the cuckoos don’t coo…?

Would the sun not quench, in the sanctum of sea
And the sum of furies, drown down silently!
To kiss the moon, won’t the partridge yearn too?
Won’t all realms swoon, when the cuckoos won’t coo…?

Love’s funeral in souls, and requiem on lips
See the star of our love, buried in eclipse
Linger trails of treads, hearts go out to
For me and you, the cuckoos won’t coo…?

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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