…So Mediocrity Reigns !

The ones, who’re but connoisseurs
Of the toils of soul’s, prolific pains
Ain’t they arts’, lavish saboteurs?
Its newfound banes, so mediocrity reigns!

In a crowd of creators, and critics
Who overshoots, and who refrains
To lionize, a banal yield, of limericks
Against the grain, so mediocrity reigns!

In the bare bazaars, of vying wordsmiths
Sham sells, alas! Unsold remains
Millstones of, unearthed megaliths
On obtuse brains, so mediocrity reigns!

Where lost legends, their legacy
Now art reduced, to profane bargains
And virtuosity, new heresy
Ingenuity, new blasphemy, so mediocrity reigns!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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