The Scarecrow Man

Legends had chiseled, the myths they could
That timeless nightmare, who dwelt in the wood!
How beauty cherry-picked, her beautiful clan
Left a shadow mimicked, of the Scarecrow Man

In the hamlet of Glory, blushed in bad blood
Was born a jawless lad, in a household of mud
“Indeed! Ain’t our seed, did Satan what he can”
Got his creed decreed, the Scarecrow Man

A boyhood was spent, to learn and unlearn
“Bizarre bylaws of beauty, so hard to discern!
The ones with jaws, are the ones deadpan
Grim souls with flaws!” smirked the Scarecrow Man

Yes, far lies Glory, from the bliss of soul
Sham chase of beauty, does take its toll
Bathes Glory in blood, since time began
Basks in bliss of mud, that Scarecrow Man

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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