Whose Mother? Who’s Teresa?

“Crucify them living, baptize them dead
More Christians I raise, from black mongrels, half-fed
For they are game, to my godly gamble
And I, Christ’s chosen one, His dogma’s preamble”

“Aah! A worthy Christian, in every sinning Hindu I see!
Hallelujah! More the merrier, at my pity’s mercy
As the count does rise, I am closer to thee!
My Lord, My Heaven, My Sainthood’s Glory”

“My ‘Houses of the Dying’, are gateways to God
For His diktat, is to “accept your lot”, and nod
White me, white Pope, black money we get
By any means, no evil, if Christians they beget!”

“’Missionaries of Charity’, what a lush ploy on Indian land
I sprout countless cathedrals, on foundations of sand
Beyond my agenda, propaganda and my Esa
Hallelujah! I am whose Mother and who’s Teresa?”

  • © 2016 Vikas Chandra

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