…Where The Rainbow Bends!

Come! You and me, yet one more time
Ride the swing of shades, at solemn souls’ spends
Till that hillock lets, half a view sublime
Chase silhouettes, where the rainbow bends!

What a fest of riots, erupts from my heart
God’s half-kiss, of stark hues ascends
Sun lost in mists, crafts life’s mystic art
Of blissful trysts, where the rainbow bends!

This bow of colors that stabs my soul
With the dart of love, its witchery rends
A lingering lore, on a lonesome knoll
Sunny sins galore, where the rainbow bends!

Why twister left, this twist in skies?
On the breast of earth, fury’s dividends
Beholds mankind, with cherub’s eyes
Dreams color-blind, where the rainbow bends!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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