…Be My Woman Tonight!

Folded hands, on thy shy thighs
Spent mirth, of my last twilight
Let me count the stars, in your eyes
Thru unlit streets, let’s sin downright
Won’t you, be my woman tonight?

Doey damsel, I kiss thy feet
Don’t trample, my heart’s delight
Just gambol on, my darling petite
My phony wife, in black and white
Would you, be my woman tonight?

Melts in arms of storm, my love
Lost in sky of yours, my kite
Two souls snug, hand in glove
And a whore, a broke man’s plight
Please, be my woman tonight!

As you twirl, like an angel on a high
Sins on soul of shadows, moonlight
You ain’t just, a wholesale lie
But a sublime dream, that now, heaves in sight
So, be my woman tonight!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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