Did You Hear The Swans?

Who ruffled the soul, of the cold still loch!
White soul of sea, oh! That lovelorn flock
At last again, in many droning dawns
Make love in pain, did you hear the swans?

Wedded for life, oh! Many a pious pair!
Do they yearn now, for that sinful affair?
Which Leda had, before bygones
Cupidity-clad, did you hear the swans?

As they ballet and woo, form hearts with necks
Tangled beaks thawed in nectar, sublime soul of sex
Their songs neither myths, nor poesies’ pawns
Love’s lasting megaliths, did you hear the swans?

And drowned in moans, every shred of wilderness
Furry bliss brags the blessing, which Gods don’t bless
Still on empty water’s soul, live on legends of liaisons
Wrinkles of ache, pay up love’s toll, did you hear the swans?

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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