Impotent Nights!

It’s half past life, and you and me
My lingering shadow, night’s repartee
Hold on, to vows, of our lasting rites
As our souls carouse, impotent nights!

Lost in mirth of dark, that riotous dream
In the lap of my storm, a silent scream
Count on, corpse of hope, desire’s love bites
On the tomb of sun, as we grope, impotent nights!

Worn out of love, that we make each time
In the cradle of lust, smiles a death sublime
We ain’t the one, your requiem recites
Nor their spirit undone, impotent nights!

As we lumber past, the realms of life
Our summed defeats, and follies rife
Melting away, beyond our sights
Devouring drifters, astray, impotent nights!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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