Who ain’t alone?

vikas chandra

The one that sank, once ripples, it made
For the world to see, and then to fade
In the abyss of time, that solitary stone
In this realm sublime, who ain’t alone?

Yearning, a divine creed, ever to long
When pain cries out, to sing a song
Which hearts pledge, and souls atone
At the life’s edge, who ain’t alone?

A million missives, of the heart
Unheard, unread, though torn apart
Etch an epic, each shred, why bemoan
Who ain’t pain-fed, who ain’t alone?

The season of love, that heart adored
A lone man drowned, could he afford?
Mean rites of pain, to the heart, unknown
In this unsparing rain, who ain’t alone?

When stood amidst crowd, a crowd, I became
Just yet another man, without a name
Felt solitude’s dead, shall that life condone?
Who bore that dread, who ain’t alone?

Slept with souls, who warmed my bed

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