That Unsung Song

Was it meant to be, lasting soul of pain?
Just once to be crooned, never heard again
In the heart of its maker, raged all along
Sacred sin’s second nature, that unsung song

Those words did wince, which made its flesh
Its heart did throb, with a fiery angst afresh
“Why to slumber in a tomb, where we don’t belong?”
A spent bard’s aplomb, that unsung song

Better hurl that shred, in your glory hole
Let it breathe and sigh, once a while, on parole
That solo forlorn, by a many furlong
On a shard ever-torn, that unsung song

Or that dove, who perches, on a weary coo
Let her hug, by heart, this melody too
To stretch its age, let not die, before long
And sing all along, that unsung song

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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