Tomorrow’s A Myth!

Why waiting thru, today’s despair
Hopeful, of a blurred dream’s snare
Be a flagging flag, of a megalith?
Called ’today’, your destiny’s share
Come what may, tomorrow’s a myth!

Yes, died away, that yesterday’s bait
How lost today, in tomorrow’s wait
Left half-seduced and spent, herewith
Undone yarn of man, by his done fate
Sold-out human clan, to tomorrow’s myth!

In the heart of past, throbs the beat of hope
Time tramples past yesterday, thru today’s tightrope
To a phony tomorrow, a lie of the Timesmith
The Lord, who makes us, yearn and grope
History’s sins pious, and tomorrow’s myth!

Who sowed, in soul of, fleeting time?
The seed, of a splendid, lasting crime
With a today that goeth, tomorrow cometh
Molts out of dead, a dream sublime
A reborn mime, tomorrow’s a myth!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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