The shy boy, who loved me

vikas chandra

How many swags, he hides behind?
Unhidden musk, the love, we breathe
Behold the magic, how two souls entwined
In the vow, that yearning hearts, bequeath

Over piano lessons, Oh! Those watchful sessions
How I read music, in his fleeting eyes
Yeah! That coy boy, my love toy, beyond confessions
Voila! A womanhood sighs, whilst, a boyhood shies

How I ambushed him, at the entranceways
Caught his awes, his timid stares
What a smitten heart says, shyness betrays
Needless to quell, the passion, that flares

Had hugged him once, when he had wept
Oh! He drenched my blouse, what a lad he was
I smirked “An aging Eve, for a boyish Adam, do you accept?”
His nod! My God! Set the time to a pause

He, the mime of love, me the Goddess of his
Just the two of us, made a shrine complete
His chaste prayer, love’s ageless bliss

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