vikas chandra

When had the rain ceased, in my weary yard?
Stood by the barn me, beheld the dreary highs
Dazed by the mystique of night, a teary bard
When chanced upon, a swarm of eerie fireflies

Who smeared the night black, and littered it with stars
Not the ones above, who reign the skies
But the tiny angels, those million czars
Who rule dark’s realm, flaring fireflies

With wings of desire, belly burying fire
They blaze doggedly, no respite, no sighs
How I admire, a life, a living pyre
Tallest creed theirs, who live a sacrifice, fireflies

What makes their hearts, bear the riot?
That seethes in their souls, and never dies
To pledge radiance, these warriors quiet
Burn their existence, martyr fireflies

Bursts of glow! Just a fleeting show?
But so are stars, in the “Godly” guise
Adores mankind, distant grandeur, though
Why so blind, to earthy splendor, of the…

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