That Coffin Of Cedar

vikas chandra

That coffin of cedar, rests by the lush tomb
Vanilla lost in musk, earthy soul of aplomb
How blessed looks the poise, of that cadaver
Which basks in the splendor, of that coffin of cedar

That coffin of cedar, once aged a breathing wood
On the breast of the wilds, stood alone, no good
Now stopped to age, didn’t die though, lives freer
Cherished, by a carpenter, that coffin of cedar

That coffin of cedar, sheared and nailed to a dreaded box
A youth brought alive, death’s undying paradox
Smothered by the polisher, yet smiles that dream astir
Interred with a holy slur, that coffin of cedar

That coffin of cedar, now below a verdant mound
Two souls lost in each other, not ever to be found
Entwined like two serpents, in a mating forever
Breathes to life a lasting prayer, that coffin of cedar

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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  • I barely can’t get where have you got your run-in. They are just so deep that it took me some time to interpret. But your poems are always so dependable and interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Thanks Brother! Your kind and insightful words mean a LOT to me.
    Just ONE Meaningful Appreciation is Better than MANY Empty Likes.
    Many Thanks Again.
    I LOVE Filipinos. They are simply great!! My neighbor too is one.

    I too DEEPLY appreciate your LOVE for nature which I share with you as well as your CREATIVE articles and poetry.

    God Bless You And Your Creativity
    Take Care

    Liked by 1 person

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